Where it all began/ Project 01

14th October 2016
I've been out to photograph landscapes half a dozen times this year. Not a great business plan for someone who makes their entire income from being a photographer and gallery owner!
It wasn't meant to be like this.
My love affair with photography started down a rather unique path. You won't hear me talking about the nostalgia of film and developing my own prints in a darkroom. My first camera was digital and I purchased it to document my White Shepherd puppy, Taylor. I had no love for the outdoors either, unless it was to join some friends outside the pub. After taking thousands upon thousands of photographs of my dog playing along the coast, I started to appreciate the beauty of the landscape around me. It was no longer just about having a camera with me on a dog walk, it was about taking her with me for a walk so that I could photograph the coast. I became almost obsessed with capturing images of the Cornish coast. Every day you would find me at the edge of the world with Taylor by my side, camera and tripod in hand. Taylor had rather unexpectedly brought direction to my life, along with a career which I truly love.
The start of 2016 brought with it her first illness. She would later pass away in June.
My photographic year had passed me by and I'd lost the love for the landscape along with just about everything else.
Short of motivation, short of ambition, short of excitement, I started a photography project.
Something to drag me kicking and screaming back into the world that I loved. A spark to ignite a lost passion.
It had to be something completely different for me or I’d find myself back at home, with day time television keeping me company.
I've always had a thing for edge to edge detail in my landscape photographs. Finding a composition in a canvas of chaos. Drawn to dramatic scenes like the proverbial moth to the flame.
For the next few months I would leave all that behind and go in search for some of the finer details in life. A new subtle, fine art approach to my photography. I wouldn't let myself be drawn to those furious waves taking their anger out on the cliffs. Those dramatic rays of light exploding out of the storm clouds could wait, I had a date with a tranquil composition at blue hour. I limited myself to taking only 6 photographs per trip, choosing to spend more time sitting back and watching the landscape for the subtle tones and textures that I was craving. The limitation on photographs would also force a more considered approach to my compositions. Something which I knew would be needed when shooting in a new way.
I'm far from an expert on this type of photography, but the excitement was back. The buzz of capturing something new had gripped me. Photography was back in my life.
Who knows what my next project will be but I'm already excited to start a new one.



Fujifilm X-T1, 90mm f2.


Photo comment By Charlie Edwar: Awesome shots, amazing tranquility :)
Photo comment By Nikolas Bloomfield: It's partly your enthusiasm for photography that's set me on the amateur photography trail. remember when I got my camera just over a year ago? love those tranquil shots.
Photo comment By George Stockbridge: Don't give up man, your shots are awesome!

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